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Disinfection and Deep Cleaning – Decontamination

All You Should Know About Sanitizing and Disinfecting


Imagine how the world has become vulnerable to the novel COVID-19. With all the deaths and economic destruction that we are facing, every little step to cushion us will come in handy. Interestingly, maintaining hygiene has become a suitable way of keeping the virus at bay.


In light of hygiene, it will be essential for you to consider both sanitizing and disinfection. Opting for sanitizing services has become valuable too. But the big question is, how much do you know about these? To that end, we explore every critical aspect that you should know.


First let us mention that our sanitizing and disinfecting service is right for when you need to make sure that your home or office is disinfected. This is usually taking care of several rooms or work areas in one session, so you can be confident that the whole area has been taken care of. It is not for day-to-day or hour to hour disinfecting that might be required for things that are often touched, like doorknobs, light switches etc.


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Difference Between Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Sanitizing aims at reducing contamination and the occurrence as well as the growth of bacteria and viruses. It plays a critical role in ensuring that bacteria, viruses, and fungi hardly thrive on such surfaces. In most cases, you sanitize surfaces that come in contact with food. You will consider sanitizing your surfaces if you want to avoid contamination or infection.

Disinfecting kills various microscopic organisms found on surfaces. For this reason, you will need a much stronger solution during this process. It comes in handy in cleansing high-touch surfaces like doorknobs. For instance, if you have someone with flu, Coronavirus, or another illness within the house, you will need to disinfect on a regular basis.

Additionally, you will spend a relatively shorter time when sanitizing, unlike during disinfection. Disinfection usually involves dwell time, where the disinfectanct solution must be wet on the surface for a period to work. It can take up to 10 minutes to kill germs this way, but the success rate for these products can be over 99%.

Are Sanitizers & Disinfectants Safe for Your Health

Ideally, both sanitizers and disinfectants seek to ensure that your body or surfaces at home do not harbor any microbes. By eliminating or reducing their chances of survival, you will be confident of being much healthier in the long run.

However, it is fair to mention that not all of them are absolutely safe. In this light, you will need to be relatively careful when selecting disinfectant solutions. If you are unsure what will work best, our professional disinfecting team is happy to take care of your property for you, with no damage to any materials of surfaces.

How Often Should You Sanitize and Disinfect

In the recent past, the World Health Organization has indicated the value of keeping your surfaces clean. Let’s reflect on how COVID-19 spreads. Usually, coughing or sneezing will result in respiratory droplets, which spread the virus. This virus could stay on a surface for a relatively long time, perhaps three days or even longer. If you touch contaminated surfaces and transfer the virus to yourself by touching your face, you run the risk of getting the infection.


Well, considering that we do not know when a surface will get contaminated, it is right to be proactive. Do not shy away from cleaning high-touch surfaces every day, or even many times a day. Indeed, we cannot rule out that contamination in your immediate surroundings could lead to your contracting the virus. In this light, the frequency of disinfecting and sanitizing will also depend on what is happening in your environment, if you are in the high-risk category for COVID-19, how many people live with you in one house, etc.

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