Condominium and Apartment Cleaning

At Natoma, we take pride in the quality of service we can offer residential facilities. Our cleaning standard ensures that we leave your residential facility in such a way that we would be proud to call it our own.

We are the preferred cleaning and maintenance professionals of many condominiums in Singapore.

We know that residential facilities come in different sizes and types, so we always follow a unique approach to maintenance and cleaning. Several areas that we cover in professional cleaning services include the following:

Entrances and lobbies

The professional staff at Natoma ensures that entrances and lift lobby areas look pristine. This is the area that most residents see when entering the building.

Our team ensures that it looks presentable and that exterior and interior surfaces look great.

Facilities rooms and toilets

The cleaning professionals from Natoma will mop the staircases, sweep the area, and vacuum the carpet.

We also make sure to clean any facilities that may be available properly. They scrub and wash the bowls, cubicles, and floors of the toilets.

Car parking area

To keep your car parking area clean and shiny, we use pressure washing and sweep all the litter from the site. This ensures tidiness and visibility of the car park and makes for a much better first impression.

BBQ Pit area, refuse station, and bin chute

We make sure to remove all the rubbish found surrounding the residential area. This means cleaning all the garbage and thoroughly cleaning the surrounding area. This offers those living there a friendlier, more appealing living environment.